GPS Pricing

Our up-front GPS price includes LTE wireless data plan, no contract, cancel anytime




Basic GPS tracking

Live GPS and trip history
Fuel & trouble code data
Safety alerts & reporting
IFTA and HUT mileage

$25 /mo

paid annually

$22 /mo

30+ vehicles



Connected dash cam

Includes Basic features
Garmin dash cam w/ LTE
Truck navigation & routing
Vehicle inspection reports

$35 /mo

paid annually

$39 /mo



Electronic logbook

Includes Plus features
Roadside eRODS transfer
Unclaimed driving alerts
Online logbook backup

$45 /mo

paid annually

$51 /mo



Find out why our clients trust us for their fleet technology




$150 / vehicle

Transponder | GPS tracker
OBD/J1939 install kit

$799 / vehicle

Transponder | GPS tracker
OBD/J1939 install kit
Garmin Fleet 790 tablet w/ dash cam

$799 / vehicle

Transponder | GPS Tracker
OBD/J1939 install kit
Garmin Fleet 790 tablet w/ dash cam & ELD


One-time fees


$2,000 - Pro
$1,000 - Plus
$500 - Basic

$200 - Plus/Pro
$100 - Basic

New accounts require purchase of our on-boarding service. This includes a 90-minute virtual meeting with our customer success team to understand your goals, setup your vehicles & drivers, train your users and drivers (Pro only). ELD driver training is provided for Pro accounts.

Professional on-site installation of Carmalink transponders, tablets and sensors with a limited lifetime warranty, priced per vehicle.

Not available in all areas, contact us for more info.


GPS Pricing FAQs


Do I have to pay annually?

All account subscriptions are billed annually. We have seen that clients who pay for a full year are more committed and get more value from Carmalink fleet management.

What if I don’t need service all year?

Think back to the days of rollover minutes on your mobile phone plan. Pay upfront for the year, and receive a credit on your next statement for what you didn’t use.

What if I’m not satisfied?

Our customer success team works closely with clients to make sure they are 100% satisfied with our service and if we can’t make you happy we will refund any unused subscription time.

Am I required to pay for on-boarding?

New Pro accounts require the purchase of on-boarding services. This helps to smooth out the roll out of Carmalink to drivers, managers and administrators.

How long is the transponder warranty?

Our hardware is manufactured in New York and we fully stand behind the craftsmanship of our GPS trackers (transponders). If the transponder hasn’t been abused, return it for a free replacement.

What if I need something custom?

Please contact our customer success team to see if this is something we can help you out with. We offer customization services for our SaaS and cloud vehicle tracking technology.


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