Manage your crew from anywhere


CarmaLink gives you the tools you need to effectively handle your fleet operations with simple GPS software; no more calling to see where your guys are.

Using live GPS tracking, all stops made by your vehicles are automatically recorded, giving you accurate trip tickets. You also get fuel use reports, EZ-Pass toll verification, and engine code diagnostic data. 

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Get up and running quickly


1 | Install

Connect the GPS transponder to the diagnostic port in the driver footwell and it automatically configures to your account


2 | Setup

Fill out the vehicle year, make, model and a nickname; enable safety reports; set speed limit and engine idle time; in cab alarms


3 | Report

Setup automatic email reporting for productivity, safety and vehicle maintenance

Your fleet at your fingertips

AVL GPS tracking works with OBD, J1708 and J1939 vehicles



Vehicle monitoring

Transponders continually send data to your account and inform you of issues that need to be dealt with right away. All the collected data is backed up on our cloud and is available when you need it.

Review the live location of all your vehicles, search for your closet team member to one of your clients who needs your help right away. Keep an eye on your vehicles after hours, on weekends or when you are out of the office.

High resolution GPS tracking historical data shows maps on Google for each trip

Trip history

Get detailed maps that paint a complete picture of how your fleet is operating with high-rate GPS data.

Highly detailed trip maps from fast accurate GPS data allows foreman to check for complete coverage of your zone

Responsive for mobile

Quickly find your drivers anywhere, from anywhere including tablet, phone or desktop browsers with no app to install or update.


CarmaLink GPS is designed for mobile use without requiring Android or iOS apps