Simple Vehicle Monitoring

Making your job easier


Fleet Manager

Do you ever wish you could put a manger in each truck, to diligently record each stop made by the driver, monitor for unsafe driving, keep en eye on the engine health, track fuel consumption and spot unwanted behavior?

That's what we do, we give you a virtual look at your fleet and help you manage your daily tasks with automation.


You need to keep your drivers compliant with the new electronic log ELD rules and you don't have time to teach them a complicated new system. You need a system that is simple to buy, easy to install, straight-forward to use from a company that you know will support you when you need a little extra help.


ELD with Garmin

No contract required
Lifetime map updates
Unlimited drivers

Garmin7x0_viewLogs copy.png

Designed for the driver to access everything on one screen: change duty status, submit DVIR reports and navigate the roads with truck routing from Garmin. Everything is automatically synced to your online account so you can monitor your crew from anywhere

Hours of Service Logs

Supports automatic duty status changes, personal conveyance (PC), yard moves (YM) and online transfer of eRODS data for roadside inspection


Vehicle Inspection Reports

Capture DVIRs and repair forms in the field using the PND and view them anytime online with free backup on the cloud


Fleet Manager

Use live vehicle location to quickly dispatch drivers to you clients, spot engine issues, monitor fuel use and get automatic IFTA and HUT mileage reports


Navigation with Digital Traffic

Every Garmin PND includes specific navigation information about truck accessibility and realtime traffic conditions (optional)