Our cloud services are built on our own CarmaLink.API, which uses a Rest interface to communicate with our backend database and transponders.

Find our latest API documentation on GitHub.

If you are interested in using our API for your application, please contact us.

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GPS Transponder


If you are looking for an OBD GPS device to power your telematics fleet software, please contact us to see if we would be a good fit for your needs.

  • Certified on Verizon Wireless CAT1M LTE network
  • Works with OBD, J1939 and J1708 vehicles
    • Engine trouble codes (check engine light)
    • Fuel burned (gallons)
    • Engine speed (RPM)
    • Vehicle speed (KPH/MPH)
    • Emission monitor status
  • Monitor driver behavior with on-board accelerometer
  • Optional Garmin Fleet tablet for ELD or Android app integration
  • Managed over-the-air firmware updates and configuration
  • Managed remote debugging