E-Log Solutions: AOBRD vs ELD


Trying to keep all the new regulations about e-logs straight isn't easy and it seems like they are always changing. Here are a few simple differences between the current e-log solutions (AOBRD) and the new required e-log (ELD) solutions.


  • These systems have been around for a while and are basically a digital version of driver logs
  • Will be required by virtually every truck built after 2000 that currently keeps paper logs
  • Motor carriers have until December 2017 to purchase and implement AOBRD


  • Similar to AOBRD but requires a link between the transponder and truck ECU
  • More rigorous data requirements than AOBRD including engine status and VIN
  • Fleets with AOBRD have until December 2019 to implement ELD

To get your trucks to the first stage of compliance, you will need to purchase an AOBRD system and get it implemented fleet-wide by December. After then, you have until December 2019 to upgrade the AOBRD to ELD compliance. With our system, this is just a free software update, some other manufacturers may require new hardware.

If your fleet wants to purchase a new e-log system after December 2017, you will have to purchase ELD as AOBRDs won't be sold anymore.

We can help you understand the e-log requirement and how to roll it out to all your trucks to keep your fleet compliant.