E-Log Daily Use Guide

Switching to e-logs will require some driver training, but keeping these simple tips in mind will get your drivers on the right track quickly:

1. At the beginning of your shift

  • Retrieve PND from fleet administrator, attach to mount
  • Login using Driver ID and password, set duty status to 'On Duty'
  • Update vehicle settings: tractor & trailer number
  • Add shipments: name/commodity, number, start/end dates
  • Review previous DVIR, create new DVIR if repairs were made

2. During your shift

  • PND automatically selects ‘Driving’ duty status when moving
  • Sets to ‘On-Duty’ after remaining stopped for five (5) minutes
  • Manually set duty status by tapping ‘Hours of Service’ on home screen
  • Update ‘vehicle settings’ when changing trailers with new number(s)

3. At the end of your shift

  • Create a new DVIR (if required by carrier)
  • Set duty status to ‘Off-Duty’ and logout of PND
  • Verify logs to attach your digital signature
  • After upload, remove from mount & return to fleet administrator