Three common E-Log misconceptions

It is not surprising that drivers, fleet owners and law enforcement officers are still a little unclear about the new e-log law. Here are a few common misconceptions we hear from fleets.


Do I have to print out a paper copy of logs from my e-log device for roadside inspection?

If you are using an approved AOBRD or ELD system in your truck, you are not required to print out your logs. However, if you are using a non-AOBRD e-log system, law enforcement officers can request that you produce a printed copy of your RODS.

Under the new ELD mandate, drivers will be required to transfer the logs digitally using local file transfer (not allowed in all jurisdictions) or web service.

Since I downloaded an e-log app I am all set, right?

You have to be very careful that the app is part an approved AOBRD or ELD system. Apps alone cannot meet the requirements in Part 395. A good rule of thumb is that if the app is free and doesn't require any hardware to use, it isn't compliant.

My trucks only operate during daylight hours so I don't need e-logs

Sorry, this is not an allowed exemption by the FMCSA from implementing e-logs.