AVL that isn't just for on road vehicles

When it comes to involving technology in our lives to make them easier, sometimes it's the little things that add up to something big: the headlights that automatically turn on when it's dark, your mobile phone letting you know it's about to start raining, or your refrigerator making ice when needed.  These seemly small bits of automation take over tedious activities of the day and allow us to focus on more valuable endeavors.

On a larger scale, real-time traffic information provided by a network of sensors is pumped into your favorite mapping application to help you find the fastest route.  A quick look at these systems will tell you that there is lots of room for expansion across a wide swath of sectors.

Last weekend a couple of our developers installed our CarmaLink GPS transponder inside a snowmobile and went out for the day to see what would happen. After a few hours of fun, the data was automatically synced to the CarmaLink AVL cloud and we are able to see a map of the snowmobile trails of the Redfield, NY area. This simple data collection method allows snowmobilers to help map out the area just by riding.

By giving us better, more accurate information, AVL systems provide huge benefits with minimal effort, which is exactly what technology should be doing for us.