Six reasons why CarmaLink AVL is better

1. CarmaLink hardware is designed and assembled in the USA. Just like your favorite set of tools out in the garage. Our GPS transponders are built to keep working and never let you down.

2. All our software is written in New York. Our competition likes to buy from 3rd party vendors in China. Chinese hardware manufacturer source code is hastily written, buggy and has been known to have backdoors built in from the factory.  

3. We know the entire system from A – Z, inside and out. That's because we have built and designed every single piece of what makes the CarmaLink AVL solution work. From transponder hardware to the Cloud. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty.  

4. If you do ever have a problem with CarmaLink – you won't get the runaround. All bugs are directly assigned to our NY based engineers to be dealt with immediately.


5. Never sign another contract for AVL again. We know our product is great, because our customers go out of their way to tell us. That's why we feel confident enough to not lock you into an agreement, unlike our competition. Add extra GPS transponders when you need them, and pause them in the off-season to lower your bill.  


6. Room for growth. CarmaLink was built with your future in mind. We are one of the only AVL / GPS telematics vendors in North America to offer a modern (easy to use) REST API that can make any complex fleet integration project a reality.

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