About us

Carma Systems was founded in 2008 by four technology entrepreneurs with a passion, and frustration, with automotive technology. "We thought, why aren't cars online? And then we found out why, it's hard," Chris Suozzo, Chief Product Engineer remarked.

After many years of research, development and testing, CarmaLink was brought onto the market in 2013 with a clear vision: the simplest way to manage your fleet, period. CarmaLink is a cloud based technology that uses a dedicated piece of hardware to transmit back important information like speed, location and fuel use in realtime to Carma's servers.

Before CarmaLink, this kind of tech was only available to large fleets, but we have shown that it can be used just as effectively on small fleets.
- Kevin Holmes, VP Product Design

Carma also takes a different approach to sustainability and good manufacturing practices than other technology companies. Our products are proudly assembled in New York State and the plastic used in our hardware is made in Massachusetts from upcycled PET water bottles.

We were a new company and we didn't want to do things the same way as everyone else. Why not do them better? Choosing the right manufacturing partner in New York was critical for us, we wanted a relationship, not just be a customer.
- Matt Suozzo, CEO

As part of our sustainability initiative, we have partnered with CarbonFund.org to offset our carbon emissions through reforestation efforts across the globe.