Meet CarmaLink

The first vehicle management system designed for the small fleet.

CarmaLink is a simple cloud service that tracks your vehicles, monitors fuel use and trains your drivers to be safer on the road.

Large fleets have used this technology for years to keep fuel costs down, increase billable hours and enhance customer service. Now this tech is coming to the small fleet.



Manage all your vehicles in one place: cars, vans, and even heavy duty semi-trucks.




Keep an eye on where your equipment is moving to and know when it is being used.


How companies are using fleet automation



Limit idling and speeding to cut fuel use


Minimize vehicle downtime with engine trouble reporting


Reduce liability with driver safety monitoring


Powerful data collection



GPS Location

check on your vehicles 24/7 from your desktop or mobile phone


Idle Sensor

reports any wasted fuel from an idling engine

Speed Sensor

set a maximum speed alarm for your vehicles on the highway

Force Sensor

monitors your vehicles for inefficient driving behavior


warns the driver when violations occur and promotes self-correction

Engine Code Reader

get instant email alerts of engine trouble

“I have a moderate-sized fleet of sight-seeing tour vehicles that perform land and water tours so there were new challenges to be met. Carma rose to the challenge, met them and are more than willing to exceed them... that’s the kind of service you always desire but seldom receive.”

Tony Cerulle
Chief Engineering Officer
Boston Duck Tours

Starting at $22/mo

See our service plan page for more info