AOBRD to ELD Upgrade Guide

Find out how changing to an ELD system will effect your drivers

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Increase your visibility

You don't always know what is happening out in the field.

That can mean poor performance goes unnoticed and creates unnecessary fuel and labor costs.

We can help you to get a better view of your mobile fleet operations.

Using fleet software, you will be able to dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service response time and stop calling drivers for updates.

Our fleet management solution works with small and large business fleets.

CarmaLink is a cloud application that never needs to be updated and works on desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile device web browsers

Access from anywhere

Using a web browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone gives you access to live fleet status

Detailed maps

Monitor your fleet no matter where they are with live location recorded every 20 seconds for high-def maps

Easy to use dashboards

See important trends across your fleet, monitor KPIs with up to the minute cloud analytics

Productivity reports

Improve your fleet efficiency with report data of your fuel use, asset utilization and labor resource allocation


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Fleet management portal

Powerful tools to keep your mobile workforce on track

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GPS fleet management portal works with any web browser on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, supports Android and iOS devices

Workforce visibility

Review and dispatch your assets without having to call your driver for updates

Customer service

Allow your service manager to quickly communicate worker ETAs to your customers


Record accurate history of trips, stops and alerts made by your vehicles without the paperwork


Enhanced data

Get access to vehicle data like fuel use, idling, odometer and diagnostic trouble codes