Field Service Management

Fleet tracking

GPS trackers send back live vehicle location to find your team quickly

Customer dispatch

Share the ETA of your drivers with customers using realtime GPS updates

Job productivity

Record trips and stops made by your workforce including street addresses.

Enhanced data

Displays engine codes, fuel economy, speeding and HOS violations

live gps tracking with modern cloud saas fleet management software

Driver Safety


Driving behavior

Data from on-board sensors and GPS capture driver safety information like:

harsh driving
seat belt use*

Reversing camera

Adding an optional wireless backup camera gives your drivers a clear view of what’s behind them and reduces the chance of job-site injuries and vehicle damage.

*data not available on all vehicles


Smart fleet dashcam

Built-in Garmin dash cam automatically captures and sends footage of unsafe driving, accidents and driver triggered events.

Dash camera footage is some of the best evidence to defend your drivers and company against insurance fraud.

Available on Plus, Pro

Fleet Reports


A daily productivity report breaks down every team member’s activity.

  • arrival time on site

  • detention time

  • street address lookup

  • trip time & distance

Reports are delivered to your inbox with a portable CSV file.

*reverse geocode lookup by Google

Fleet Maintenance

Staying on top of preventative maintenance is time consuming. A fleet management solution allows diagnostic codes to be sent directly to fleet maintenance before the truck returns to the yard.

  • engine fault codes

  • vehicle odometer

  • low tire pressure

  • low battery voltage

Basic, Plus, Pro

remote diagnostics check engine light diagnostic trouble code low tire pressure monitor

ELD Compliance

We created a solution for drivers who need to comply with the ELD mandate, but don’t have time to learn complicated logbook software.

  • Simple driver focused design

  • FMCSA registered ELD solution

  • Wireless roadside eRODS transfer

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