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CarmaLink is a simple cloud service that helps fleets reduce fuel use, increase safety and improve daily operations. Using automatic vehicle location (AVL) transponders, managers can see exactly what is going on with their fleet of drivers, online, from anywhere.

  1. Install the plug and play transponders in your fleet of vehicles (typically 5-10 min per)
  2. Review data about location, fuel consumption and engine faults sent back from the transponders
  3. Act on the data to limit idling and speeding to reduce fuel use and see savings every month

Start to reduce fuel costs and increase road safety


Self correction

Drivers are trained using in-vehicle audible alerts to identify and correct poor driving behavior.

Reduce fuel use

Minimizing bad habits like speeding, hard acceleration and idling can reduce your fuel bill by around 12%.

Increase safety

Weekly email reports identify potential safety issues, allowing corrective action to be taken before an accident.

Asset tracking with CarmaLink


Now you can see the location of all of your non-vehicle assets such as generators, light towers, skid-steers and heavy equipment.


Built-in hour meter

No more guessing when your equipment needs service, our resettable hour meter allows better maintenance scheduling with less paperwork.

Low battery alert

Dead batteries slow work down, get notified ahead of a battery failure with our low battery alert email and keep the job moving forward.

Smart location updates

CarmaLink doesn't just send back location pings at a fixed interval, it's aware of current conditions such as motion and speed. If your equipment starts to move, under it's own power or on a trailer, CarmaLink sends back higher-resolution location and engine state data.


Enhance your customer service


Give your customers the next level in support with automatic arrival times for your service fleet

Share realtime location

Quickly share the location of drivers with your customers with our unique share location email system. Using a desktop or mobile phone, customers can see the location of the driver and the estimated arrival time to their location.

CarmaLink advantage

Flexible to your needs

Our cloud based service means you only pay for what is on the road. Turn up or down the number of billable vehicles and assets in your account with the click of a button.

Simple user interface

We think technology should work for and not against you. We designed our interface to be simple and intuitive so you can get up and running quickly.

Integrated Solution

Unlike other fleet service companies, CarmaLink is a fully integrated solution. Our AVL transponder and cloud services were designed in-house by our engineers and are maintained by our development team. 

This level of control means we can make the best product possible with the fewest restrictions at a competitive price. No middle-men or expensive hardware vendors to jack up the price.

Quickly find your drivers, see their current speed and time of arrival at the jobsite. Provide your customers with accurate time of arrival for service calls with our location sharing feature.

Quickly find your drivers, see their current speed and time of arrival at the jobsite. Provide your customers with accurate time of arrival for service calls with our location sharing feature.


Hardware included


We design and manufacture our own GPS transponder to provide a tightly integrated and feature rich product to our customers.

Plug and play installation

  • Light duty vehicles 1996 and newer (OBD-II)
  • Heavy duty vehicles 2004 and newer (J1939)
  • Heavy duty off-road equipment (12 or 24 volt)

Internal GPS and cellular antennas
No batteries required
Assembled in the USA

“...Their understanding of a customer’s unparalleled and refreshing. I have a moderate-sized fleet of sight-seeing tour vehicles that perform land and water tours so there were new challenges to be met. Carma rose to the challenge, met them and are more than willing to exceed them! That’s the kind of service you always desire but seldom receive. They are a joy to work with!”

Tony Cerulle
Chief Engineering Officer
Boston Duck Tours


Starting at $22/mo

Learn more about our service plan pricing for your fleet.


Driver icons made by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under Creative Commons